7 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Quick !

Published: 18th September 2008
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Looking for the best ways to lose belly fat quick? Then read on for 7 simple tips -

Ways to Lose Belly Fat Quick
1. Don't set unreasonable goals to lose belly fat - you should have goals, but only when you can reach them. Setting high goals that are unrealistic will guarantee failure. Avoid goals like losing 20 pounds in a week - it's just unrealistic, silly and gearing yourself to failure. The key is to plan a series of short term, step by step goals that are doable and will bring you closer to your ultimate goal. With most long term goals, you will more likely achieve more than you ever expected. 

2. Curb that appetite to lose your belly fat. Before or in between meals, it would be a good idea for you to nibble some veggies fruits, or a handful of raw nuts. This will take the edge off your appetite and prevent you from going hungry - and pig out.

3. View sweet treats wisely. If you really want to lose belly fat, stop the big calorie sweets - cakes, cookies or candy - whenever you like. Find a low calorie substitute that you can have every day or better still, impose a once a week limit on the rich desserts.

4. Eating low fat foods is one of the ways to lose belly fat - making the choice to buy and eat low fat foods is good, but on one condition - you cannot eat more than you normally would. This is often the tendency, since the food is 'low fat'. Even fat free foods can pack on the pounds. Not all weight is gained merely from fat. If you eat too many total calories in a day, you will still gain weight, no matter where those calories come from!

5. Cut down on the diet sodas - because diet drinks, such as diet sodas are artificially sweetened, they typically contain 5 calories maximum per serving. So they don't directly lead to weight gain. But guzzling these beverages all day long does lead to potential problem - you drink less of every thing else. so having 1 or 2 diet sodas a day is fine, but if you are downing 5 or 6 12 ounce bottles, that means you are limiting your intake of healthier beverages such as tea. The best thing is - cut down on the drinks gradually and phase it out.

6. When working out - don't do isolated muscle exercises like crunches or bicep curls. Give compound training a go. Isolated exercises work on 1 small muscle group, whereas compound exercises work more than 1 muscle group. For example, if you do a Tricep extension (isolated exercise), you work on your triceps, but do a push up (compound exercise), and you work your chest and shoulders, as well as your Tricep muscles. Compound exercises are an amazing way to work multiple areas in the body in less time - and burn far more calories. So, make your resistance routine consist of a few compound moves like squats, lunges and dead lifts. It's one of the most effective ways to lose belly fat.

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